Yukio Kevin Iraha

Yukio Kevin Iraha's goal in life had always been to be creative. His work may or may not be easily understood, but Yukio Kevin Iraha's art tells a story. He's never concerned about his art  be well received or not but they're collections of a story which derived from anyone's past. His source of inspiration include cultural anecdote, history, or folk tales. The themes Yukio Kevin Iraha mixes when he creates art are personal experiences or an imagination. They may be abstract or concrete: illustrative. Some idea comes from watching a comedy show which he believes is a source of stress relief. His recent endeavor, comic strips: "Nine Bits," is a series of mischievious episodes of nine ghosts with a cae owner, Mr Az. The strip was based on one of his paintings, "A Ghosts of Funnies Revisited. " It's memorial depiction of a nine deceased children lined up dressed in a clown outfit. 


He has a degree in Fine Art and has exhibited paintings through out United States, but also worked in commercial art field as well. He has contributed art to some publications and has done commission work. Acrylic is his primary medium but he has used unconventional objects like antique woods, or papermache for three dimensional art.

His art may or not be easily understood but one thing he doesn't compromise is integrity in both creating and outcome of the pieces. He clearly believes there is a line between fraud and true form of art. He says,"I try to express true self. I don't make art to please people, but at the same time I won't exhibit art that's intentionally distasteful."

Y U K I O  K E V I N  I R A H A 



Yukio Kevin Iraha is an artist who utilizes multiple media. He was brought up and influenced from both Japanese and American cultures in which shows in many of his works. He draws a lot of ideas from tales from different cultures. Then those tales transformed, imagined into abstract forms.  Iraha's  main medium is acrylic though he has experimented with digital art and video editing. 


Yukio Kevin Iraha's style is eclectic and ethereal but his integrity never fails in both the creating and outcome of the pieces. He clearly believes there is a line between fraud and true art form.